Resolving JSON References

class jsonschema.RefResolver(base_uri, referrer, store=(), cache_remote=True, handlers=(), urljoin_cache=None, remote_cache=None)[source]

Resolve JSON References.

  • base_uri (str) – The URI of the referring document
  • referrer – The actual referring document
  • store (dict) – A mapping from URIs to documents to cache
  • cache_remote (bool) – Whether remote refs should be cached after first resolution
  • handlers (dict) – A mapping from URI schemes to functions that should be used to retrieve them
  • urljoin_cache (functools.lru_cache) – A cache that will be used for caching the results of joining the resolution scope to subscopes.
  • remote_cache (functools.lru_cache) – A cache that will be used for caching the results of resolved remote URLs.
classmethod from_schema(schema, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Construct a resolver from a JSON schema object.

Parameters:schema – the referring schema
resolve_fragment(document, fragment)[source]

Resolve a fragment within the referenced document.

  • document – The referrant document
  • fragment (str) – a URI fragment to resolve within it

Resolve a remote uri.

If called directly, does not check the store first, but after retrieving the document at the specified URI it will be saved in the store if cache_remote is True.


If the requests library is present, jsonschema will use it to request the remote uri, so that the correct encoding is detected and used.

If it isn’t, or if the scheme of the uri is not http or https, UTF-8 is assumed.

Parameters:uri (str) – The URI to resolve
Returns:The retrieved document
resolving(*args, **kwds)[source]

Context manager which resolves a JSON ref and enters the resolution scope of this ref.

Parameters:ref (str) – The reference to resolve
exception jsonschema.RefResolutionError[source]

A JSON reference failed to resolve.